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Modern Made Man, Belfort, Titanium

For Thursday, I decided to go with one of the quiet favorites within my collection, in the Modern Made Man, Belfort, Titanium. At first glance, one word comes to my mind when viewing the Belfort, clean. From the frosted Titanium, to the silver-accented, white dial, everything looks just so, and in its' place, with this timepiece. There is no design aspect of this timepiece, that looks out of place, or forced

Not pictured, is the exhibition caseback, which is another nice touch, with MMM deciding to continue the Titanium treatment, throughout the caseback; something that most watch companies don't do, in the effort to save a few dollars on manufacturing costs. Despite the sharply-angled case, the watch is extremely comfortable as it sits squarely upon the wrist, comfort which is accentuated by a well-constructed bracelet that hugs the wrist.

Paring this ultra-clean, Titanium wrist-watch, with a minimalist, hematite, beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers, offering the perfect complimentary wrist accessory.

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