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Aviator, SWIFTS Flight Team, Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition

For Saturday, since wet, gloomy, and wintry weather is in the forecast, I decided to go with something that offers a bit of sunshine on the wrist. To accomplish this, my choice of wrist-wear, is the Aviator, SWIFTS Flight Team, Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition.

This modern-day pilot chronograph, is designed to mimic the gauges of a fighter-jet cockpit. The black, deeply texturized dial, offers a nice visible contrast between the white index markers and numerals, and the yellow highlights of color, used to great effect on the dial. This timepiece, also showcases fantastic, detailed engraving work on the caseback, a further nod to the level of craftsmanship shown in this timepiece.

Pairing this ray of sunshine, with a custom, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo, offering a full dose of Vitamin D on the wrist.


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