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Szanto, Danny Sullivan "Icon Series", Racing Chronograph Mod.

Everyone should really have a few fun watches within their collection. And by fun, it could be a theme watch of some sort, or a timepiece which incorporates an infusion of vibrant colors. For Sunday, I decided to go with the latter, in the Szanto, Danny Sullivan "Icon Series", racing chronograph mod.

Now, this Szanto didn't start out this way, but for this mod, my vision was to have the dial undergo a metamorphosis, changing the original matte black dial, into vibrant dial sporting Gulf-Racing inspired colors. The dial interpretation turned-out fantastic, and it was left up to me to find the perfect strap pairing, playing on the dial theme, and befitting of a racing chronograph. I initially selected a perforated, rally racing strap, which complimented the blue and orange colors of the dial, but just recently, switched to a non-round, 3-hole racing strap, in the same blue, with orange contrast, and I think the new strap affords a more unique look.

Completing the racing theme of this custom mod, is a custom, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo, which captures all of the prominent Gulf-Racing colors.


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