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Watch of the day

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Motor-Time, Hornet Chronograph, paired with a yak bone, copper-infused, beaded bracelet.
Motor-Time, Hornet Chronograph

I decided to skip my Watch Gang, Black Subscription watch for February. As a collector, and with so many watches on my radar to purchase, at any given time, sometimes it seems like there literally isn't enough time to enjoy the watches that I purchase. That is the main thing that separates my blog from many others, every watch that I review and showcase, is a watch from my personal collection, not a watch donated to me for review. That being said, for the remainder of this week, I'll be wearing, and showing some love to some of my prior Black Subscription watches, that I haven't given much wrist-love.

For Wednesday, I'm getting reacquainted with the Motor-Time, Hornet Chronograph. I wasn't completely sold on the dial set-up of this timepiece when first received. I am also not a fan of gold-tone in my watches. But in revisiting this timepiece, the dial, and contrast of stark white and gold-tones, is really starting to grow on me. The bracelet of this timepiece is also very well constructed. And the addition of high-polished surfaces, adds just enough luxury to place the Hornet into the category of a dress / chronograph.

Pairing the Hornet Chronograph, with a yak bone, copper-infused, beaded bracelet. The copper infused within the bracelet, is supposed to promote healing. Not sure about that, but it sure makes for a healthier wrist-game!


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