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J. Brackett Navigli

For Saturday, I decided to continue to show some love, to my Watch Gang, Black Subscription timepieces, that haven't gotten the wrist-time they deserved, since being acquired. My selection, is the J. Bracket Navigli automatic.

The Navigli falls squarely into the category of a pure dress watch, with the contrasting dial patterns playing well to give this dial plenty of visual depth, as if the dial was multi-layered. A full gray / gunmetal timepiece can be tricky to pull off sometimes, as the gunmetal color can tend to wash-out the fine details of the timepiece. The Navigli solves this problem with the addition of a black chapter ring; although I think the addition of a fine grain, leather strap, could also do wonders to brighten-up the profile of this timepiece.

Complimenting the gunmetal Navigli, is a minimalist, hematite, beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers.


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