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Alexander, Olyn A420, Swiss Valjoux 7750 Chronograph

Saturday finds me coming around to probably this most underrated timepiece within my collection, the Alexander, Olyn A420, Swiss Valjoux 7750, Automatic Chronograph. In the watch collecting hobby, as with most products in life, people are enamored with brand names, or hot brands of the day. And unfortunately, many new brand entries, fall under the radar.

The Alexander brand has a two-fold problem. Not only are they a new entry into the watch market itself, but they are taking on the luxury, boutique watch market segment. So gaining traction, and consumer confidence within that particular segment, is going to be tough, with the numerous, established Swiss brands, with large customer following.

This Alexander timepiece has excellent fit-and-finish, on the same caliber as many of my other luxury timepieces. It has a dive "look", but it does sacrifice some true dive watch engineering specs (only being rated at 100 meters water resistance), which does take the cache of this timepiece down a notch; so this is to only be used in "dress" diving applications. But hey, it's an incredible looking timepiece nonetheless.

Complimenting the Alexander today, is a minimalist, sodalite stone, beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers.


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