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My Flavor Of The Day

Seiko Recraft, Solar Chronograph

For my watch-of-the-day choice for Saturday, it was only appropriate that I choose the Seiko Recraft, Solar Chronograph. After all, if fits nicely, with my racing chronographs only theme week, it offers wonderful vintage styling, with a dial and case reminiscent of a 1970's racing chronograph, incorporates the iconic Gulf Racing Team colors, and lastly, it's Seiko Saturday!

This timepiece is the embodiment of what a racing chronograph should be. A vintage-style, cushioned case, baton stick markers, and a tachymeter scale on the inner bezel, gives this timepiece a classically vintage look. The cherry on top, is the NATO strap, dial, and chronograph register hands, sporting the Gulf Racing colors, giving this piece a race-ready look, that Paul Newman himself would be envious of.

Matching the Seiko Recraft today, with a marine-grade, rope bracelet by Roplet UK, further enhancing and complimenting the racing vibe of this timepiece.


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