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Invicta Reserve, Dubois-Depraz Swiss ETA Modified, Speedway Automatic Chronograph, Limited Edition

For Sunday, I'm closing-out my racing chronograph theme week, with the Invicta Reserve, Dubois-Depraz Swiss ETA Modified, Speedway Chronograph, Limited Edition. This Speedway timepiece, takes its design cues from the iconic Daytona racing chronograph timepiece, but in a more substantial, beefed-up persona.

This timepiece, however, stands on it's own as a true heirloom piece, in that it is constructed with some very special materials, and engineering. Take the high-polished exterior, which definitely adds an air of luxury to the timepiece. Intricate patterns, giving a guilloche effect, adorn the white dial, allowing the furnace-blued hands to absolutely pop. This watch also sports heavily detailed decoration on the rotor, as well as perlage engraving on the bracelet clasp; just so many high-end finishes within this timepiece.

But the real star of this timepiece, is the special movement modification ticking away under the hood. The Speedway chronograph is powered by a Swiss ETA based movement, in conjunction with a Dubois-Depraz chronograph module. This type of stacked movement, two independent movements which are modified to work together as one, is something that isn't seen everyday, and takes the engineering of this timepiece to the next level.

Pairing this polished beauty today, with a Yak bone, copper-infused, beaded bracelet, to capture the beautiful white tones of the dial and chapter ring.


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