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Aviator, SWIFTS Flight Team Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition

If the temps are above 60 degrees, and it feels like Spring, then it definitely calls for wearing a timepiece with some color.

The Yellow theme continues today, with the Aviator, SWIFTS Flight Team Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition.

This timepiece is not overly done with Yellow, but rather is sparingly and tastefully done, allowing the Yellow color accents to pop off the dial and bezel. The start / stop pusher configuration is very unique, set atop the case, as opposed to the side of the case, as is the usual standard.

The quilted / carbon fiber pattern on the strap, contrasted with more Yellow stitching, completes the sport look of this Chronograph. The dial itself, mimicking the gauges from the instrument panel of a Fighter Jet cockpit, makes the flightplan for this piece a go, and ready for takeoff!

Accessorizing the Aviator Professional Chronograph today, with a color-coordinated set, of custom beads, designed by Beads By Gonzo. Yellow anyone?


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