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My Flavor Of The Day

Invicta, SubAqua Noma V, Limited Edition.

My Monday, WOTD choice is the Invicta, SubAqua Noma V, Automatic Chronograph, Limited Edition. This timepiece is definitely one of the anchors within my collection, as it just embodies so much character, and is a marvel of engineering.

The bezel, bracelet, and chronograph pushers, exhibit some of the most complex design concepts I've ever seen, any any timepiece, from any brand. And, the angular bracelet links, along with flared, fluted, port-holes on the bezel, really gives the SubAqua Noma V a strong presence when on the wrist. Add that this timepiece is Swiss Made, powered by the Selitta, SW-500 automatic, chronograph movement, and is 500 meters water resistant, makes this timepiece instantly grail-worthy.

Complimenting the blue colors of the bezel and bracelet links, as well as the black dial, with a minimalist, Sodalite, beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers


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