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Watch of the day

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Melbourne, Hawthorne Chronograph.  Paired with a minimalist, Hematite, beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers.
Melbourne, Hawthorne Chronograph

For my Wednesday, WOTD hump day version, I selected the Melbourne, Hawthorne Chronograph. This was actually a boomerang decision from Tuesday, as I had full intentions of wearing the Melbourne yesterday, however, the Glycine Combat Sub caught my attention, and as they say, the "wrist" was history!

Not sure if there is anything more versatile than a dress-chronograph. And the mix of brushed and polished surfaces on this Melbourne, give this piece just enough elegance to be worn with a suit in a business or black tie setting, but would look just at home on the wrist, dressed-down with a t-shirt or polo shirt, and pair of jeans. That's the beauty of a dress-chrono, a timepiece befitting any occasion you may find yourself in. Of course, if you found yourself engaging in yard work, or any other type of manual labor, put the dress chrono on the shelf, and opt for a timepiece like a G-Shock. Other than that, just roll with the dress chronograph from one situation to the next, and look fantastic doing it!

Pairing this Melbourne Hawthorne today, with a minimalist, Hematite stone, beaded bracelet, that captures simultaneously, the rich darkness of the matte dial, and polished bling of the inner-link surfaces, giving the appearance of liquid metal on the wrist.


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