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Szanto, Danny Sullivan "Icon" Series, Racing Chronograph Mod.

Closing out the week, and heading into the weekend, with probably the most fun timepiece currently within my collection. For Friday, I'm sporting the Szanto, Danny Sullivan "Icon" Series, Racing Chronograph mod.

This modded timepiece exemplifies fun. From the bright, Gulf-Racing inspired colors of the dial, to the unique 3-hole, color-matched, racing strap, this timepiece say "Sport" all the way. If you want refined and boring, this is not the piece for you, as the eye-popping racing stripes, are sure to get a few double-takes, and not just from race fans.

Accessorizing this timepiece today, with a custom, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo, that is just as race-ready as the watch itself. A timepiece should illicit a certain feeling, when you gaze down upon it on your wrist. And this mod, brings a smile to my face every single time!


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