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Aviator, SWIFTS Flight Team, Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition

For Easter Sunday, I was deliberate in choosing a timepiece with some Easter colors. My choice, is the Aviator, SWIFTS Flight Team, Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition. I have never experienced a timepiece, that has both subtle, and "in your face" tones of yellow, but this Aviator pulls it off quite tastefully.

As a Pilot watch, and chronograph, this timepiece has a dial that is expertly designed, offering extreme clarity and clean presentation, with chronograph registers that are reminiscent of the gauges within a fighter jet cockpit. The carbon-fiber style strap, with splashes of yellow contrast stitching, definitely adds to the sportive feel of this timepiece.

Keeping the Easter theme going with the yellow, custom, bead accessories, designed and crafted by Beads By Gonzo.


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