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Smith & Bradley, Wraith Diver

Tuesday brings about a much anticipated WOTD posting, as today I'm wearing my Smith & Bradley, Wraith Diver. This watch was my custom pre-order from the new quarterly watch club ZewBox. I'll delve into a more in-dept review of ZewBox, and their unique service offerings at a later time, but today, it's all about the Wraith Diver!

This timepiece has a wonderfully constructed case design, and sports one of the best looking, detailed wave pattern dials I've come across. The timepiece shipped with a pair of high-quality straps (NATO & Rubber), but this orange-dialed beauty had a custom-made strap waiting for it, further playing on the orange dial. The strap, a custom-made, Cal Ripken Jr., baseball glove leather, strap; designed and crafted by Denver Strap Company.

Custom-made, Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball Glove Strap, By Denver Strap Company

Further complimenting the Orioles' theme of this timepiece, is a custom-crafted, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.......Go O's!


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