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Jorg Gray, 6500 Chronograph, Presidential Commemorative Edition

I like collecting timepieces that have an interesting back story, which is always great as a conversation starter. Such is the the case with my Friday choice, the Jorg Gray, 6500 Chronograph, Presidential Commemorative Edition. As this model timepiece has the distinction of being the watch that was gifted to President Obama, by his Secret Service team.

The cool factor with this model, is that there are plenty of photos showing President Obama wearing this timepiece while in office. Watch collectors, and maybe some of the non-initiated, are intrigued by the style and / or type of timepiece worn by the rich, famous, and powerful masters of business, industry, and politics; for reasons unknown (other than it was gifted to him), the Jorg Gray was a favorite of President Obama, kinda cool.

Accessorizing this Presidential chronograph today, with a custom, beaded bracelet, crafted by Beads By Gonzo, to further match, the black and white tuxedo look of the timepiece.


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