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Heritor, Morrison Automatic

For Thursday, my wrist-wear selection of choice is one of my designated Orioles themed timepieces, in the Heritor, Morrison Automatic. Obviously, the iconic "Turtle" design, gives this watch a can't miss, dive look on the wrist. And I specifically wanted a timepiece with some type of orange / black, bezel configuration, to match the color scheme of my beloved Baltimore Orioles baseball club.

Adding to the baseball theme, is a custom-crafted, Rawlings baseball glove strap, created by Denver Strap Company, which has an absolutely buttery soft feel, just like a well-worn baseball glove.

Completing the black and orange, Orioles-themed ensemble, is a custom-made, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo, perfectly capturing all of the colors contained with the myriad of Orioles, home, away, and alternate uniforms.

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