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Watch of the day

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Oris, Aquis, Great Barrier Reef, Limited Edition II.  Paired with a custom-designed, beaded bracelet, crafted by Beads By Gonzo.
Oris, Aquis, Great Barrier Reef, Limited Edition II

For my Saturday watch of the day, I decided to opt for something with just a little bit of color, LOL. The Oris, Aquis, Great Barrier Reef, Limited Edition II, is probably one of my favorite timepieces within my collection.

My collection ranges from the simple and conventional, to the unique and unconventional. And one of the main things that I love about this timepiece is the rather unique day display, central to the dial. Add the yellow accents, against the deep blue dial, and this timepiece is simply a treat for the eyes. I also love that this timepiece has a nice wrist presence, coming-in at 46mm. Though given its larger than standard case size, the watch remains extremely wearable.

Continuing the yellow them down my wrist, pairing this beautiful diver with a custom-made, bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo. Nothing at all mellow, about this yellow.


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