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Watch of the day

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Bulova, Lunar Pilot Chronograph, Special Edition.  Paired with a minimalist, Hematite Stone beaded bracelet, created by Aurum Brothers.
Bulova, Lunar Pilot Chronograph, Special Edition

Happy, happy Tuesday, as after somewhere around 6 watch purchases so far in 2019, I'm finally focusing on acquiring the timepieces I had on my list of "must haves" for this year. I was lucky enough to catch the Fed Ex driver on my way out the door, and got my hands on the Bulova, Lunar Pilot Chronograph, Special Edition.

Having plotted on this timepiece for about a year, I came around to the greatness of the Lunar Pilot a little later than some of my watch addicted brethren. But this timepiece was / is definitely worth the wait. Known as the "other" Moon watch, this watch is quickly becoming a legend among watch collecting circles. I love a watch with a history, and there is enough history about the Lunar Pilot, and specifically its history in the U.S. Space Program, to make this an instant conversation piece.

Of course, being a timepiece from Bulova's Archive Series, there are plenty of nice features and additions included in the presentation, including the addition of an alternate, NATO strap, with has a leather sewn patch, indicating the date-of-mission. The Lunar Pilot also has a nicely engraved caseback, commemorating the Apollo 15 mission.

Orbiting my wrist today along with the Lunar Pilot, is a minimalist, Hematite stone beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers, sending my Wrist-Game over the moon!


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