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Szanto, Danny Sullivan "Icon Series", Racing Chronograph Mod

For Monday, I opted for one of my "fun" timepieces, in the Szanto, Danny Sullivan "Icon Series", Racing Chronograph Mod. I love this timepiece for a variety of reasons. As it represents my first ever watch modification, other than a simple strap change. I commissioned the modder to revamp the dial, to incorporate a Gulf-Racing theme, and the end result was a unique take on the "Monaco" theme.

My photo today doesn't nearly capture the full, vibrant nature of this dial, as the colors simply scream off of it. Light and bright colors, just add to the summer look and feel of a timepiece. And I'm a firm believer, just as certain color rooms can affect and change your mood and attitude, so too can the colors of a watch dial and strap; and the colors within this timepiece and strap, immediately put me in my happy place.

Accessorizing the "Sully GT" today, with a marine-grade, rope bracelet, designed by Roplet UK, which perfectly complements the colors of the dial and strap, putting my Wrist Game today, squarely in the fast-lane!


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