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Croton, Chronomaster, 925 Chronograph

Thursday's wrist-wear choice, is the Croton, Chronomaster, 925 Chronograph. The Chronomaster line of watches has been a staple within the Croton line-up for decades, with many iterations, and variations produced. But this version, is probably the best Chronomaster every produced, strictly from the standpoint of build materials.

Highlights of this timepiece include a ceramic bezel, genuine exotic, Stingray strap, and the topper, a .925 pure, solid silver case. This timepiece represents my first pure, precious metal timepiece, so the Chronomaster definitely checks the unique box.

The dial color is magnificent, varying between shades of opaque blue, to a Lavender shade, depending on the amount and angle of light hitting the dial.

Accessorizing the Croton, Chronomaster 925 today, with a Sodalite stone, beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers, perfectly capturing the blue hues of color within the dial.


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