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Invicta Reserve, SubAqua Noma I Chronograph, Mickey Limited Edition

Fun watch Friday, I so dubbed, because it's the end of a busy work week, and the eve of the Weekend, and that alone deserves something fun and upbeat to close-out the week. There wasn't a better selection I could have made from the watch box this morning, in the form of the Invicta Reserve, SubAqua Noma I Chronograph, Mickey Limited Edition. That name is a mouthful, but there's a lot going on with this timepiece.

Invicta is a brand that brings out strong opinions, good and bad, but the brands impact and influence on the watch industry, and the watch collecting hobby, cannot be denied. This SubAqua Noma I Chronograph, Mickey Limited Edition is a prime example of the good that Invicta puts out into the watch industry.

As a "character" watch, Mickey is about the most iconic, and used figure to adorn a watch dial. Numerous brands have produced their versions of a Mickey Mouse watch through the decades, and my first ever timepiece as a child, just happened to be a Timex, Mickey Mouse watch, with the arms and hands as the hour and minute hands. But this Invicta Mickey design, has over-the-top engineering, and enough subtle Easter Eggs within the build, that Walt Disney himself would be proud of.

I love the duality of this timepiece, in that it is a fun watch that doesn't take itself seriously, but also has the engineering build of a 500 meter dive watch, so it remains functional in a tool, diving capacity.

Keeping Mickey company on my wrist today, is a custom bracelet design, created by Beads By Gonzo, complementing the vibrant pops of red within the intricate dial of this timepiece.


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