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Seiko Recraft, Solar Chronograph

Today, I figured I play for Seiko Saturday, choosing to strap-on the Seiko Recraft, Solar Chronograph. This is another timepiece that grabbed my full attention after laying eyes on this watch for the first time. Radiant blue dial, smart use of contrasting colors between the dial, chapter ring, and bezel, and use of a Gulf Racing color scheme, all add-up to make this a truly special timepiece.

Seiko's Recraft series has really been a big hit with watch collectors, capturing the essence and design of their past, iconic, vintage creations. To me, this timepiece perfectly exemplifies the perfect 1970's circa era, racing chronograph.

As a wrist accessory to complement the Solar Chronograph, I chose to go with a marine-grade, rope bracelet, designed by Roplet UK, to further play on the Gulf Racing motif.


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