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Watch of the day

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Smith & Bradley (S&B) Wraith.  Paired today with a beaded bracelet, custom-made by Beads By Gonzo.
Smith & Bradley (S&B) Wraith

For Tuesday, wearing a timepiece that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, the Smith & Bradley, Wraith, Diver. I always say, every watch collection requires grab-n-go timepieces, and it's a bonus if you can add a grab-n-go piece that exudes style as well. Such is the case, with the S&B Wraith, as this watch incorporates one of the most detailed, wave-pattern dials, that I've seen at any price point.

No dial color says diver more than Orange. And the Orange hue used on this S&B is a little more subdued than most vibrant Oranges used in dive watches, which is a change I welcome. The white index markers, framed by high-polished edges, pop off the dial, providing ultimate clarity and visibility.

As my first quarterly subscription watch from Zew Box, I'm very pleased with the quality and look of this timepiece, and eagerly await my next quarterly subscription arrival. You can click on the Zew Box tabs on my blog page, to get more information on the next Zew Box quarterly watch subscription brand offerings.

To complete the look of this watch, I added a custom-made, Cal Ripken, Jr. baseball glove strap, as this is one of my Baltimore Orioles theme timepieces for this season. Adding to the custom look on my wrist today, is a custom bracelet, crafted by Beads By Gonzo.


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