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Vostok Europe, Almaz, Space Station - Bronze, Limited Edition

My Thursday choice, is my newest arrival to the collection, the Vostok Europe, Almaz, Space Station - Bronze, Limited Edition. This is my first Vostok Europe timepiece in nearly two decades, and I can say with certainty, there is a noticeable step-up in quality, and overall fit-and-finish, from the earlier models that I experienced.

The bronze case, and bronze dial accents, along with the copper sub-dial at the 6 o'clock position, work to give this timepiece a striking presentation. The light blue hands are an interesting choice of color, but work perfectly to offer maximum dial readability. I had worked my collection down to only 1 Bronze timepiece, but now the Almaz bumps that number back up to 2; Bronze tends to be overdone in watches, and I see the trend diminishing within the watch world in the coming years, but when it's done correctly, Bronze affords an incredible look on the wrist. Since this is my first day with the Space Station, you already know what my Friday selection will be, given my mandatory, 2-day break-in period with all new arrivals.

Pairing the Almaz today, with a custom bracelet creation, designed by Beads By Gonzo, which is the perfect accessory to complement the Brown and Bronze tones found within the timepiece.


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