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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

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Glycine Combat Sub

For this Father's Day Sunday, I was originally going to opt to wear one of my more minimalist timepieces, but hey it's another sunny day here in Maryland, so I decided to take full advantage, and go with a flash of color on my wrist instead.

The Glycine Combat Sub is my choice for today. This particular model is a quartz, so it's was a nice grab-n-go option. The watch originally shipped on a black Nato-style strap, however I quickly switched that out for the nice Kevlar strap, with red contrast stitching, that you see pictured. I felt like the Kevlar played to the tactical motif of the watch, and the red stitching was a perfect match to the red on the bezel and dial.

Pairing this beauty with a custom blood red and black beaded bracelet to further compliment the red and black within the timepiece.


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