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What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Vostok, Amphibia, Radio Room Mod.  Paired with custom-designed bracelet, created by Beads By Gonzo.
Vostok, Amphibia, Radio Room Mod

Thursday, welcomes my newest timepiece into the fold, the Vostok, Amphibia, Radio Room Mod. Watch modifications can change-up the entire attitude of a timepiece. In the simplest form of a strap change, to more intricate modifications in which bezels, hands, dials, and possibly movements are changed-out, modders are really showing true creativity and artistry with their creations.

Hard to believe this is my first ever, Vostok timepiece; and what a way to dive into the brand. Slight mods on this Amphibia include a bezel change, bezel insert swap, and the addition of a shark mesh bracelet. I've come across rubber straps in the past, that required cutting the strap to achieve a custom fit; previous watches I've owned by Ulysse Nardin and Tissot come to mind, but this was my first experience with a metal mesh bracelet, that required cutting to size; talk about measure twice, cut once. It's very peculiar to me why strap vendors do this, and it's really a pet peeve of mine (more to come in an upcoming blog post). But all that drama aside with the bracelet, it's really a nice finishing compliment to the timepiece, especially given the black bezel insert and black dial.

At 43mm, the case size affords a nice presentation on the wrist. And even though the lugs have zero curvature, the watch feels perfectly centered on the wrist. But lets face it, the star of this timepiece is the radio room dial. The Radio Room dial has a functional purpose, as it was created as a universal maritime timekeeping regulation, following the Titanic disaster. The Red shaded areas on the dial denote periods of radio silence, to facilitate better monitoring of maritime distress calls. As it is believed that the tragedy of the Titanic was magnified, by the distress calls from the vessel being literally drowned-out by excessive radio communication from other ships. The historic significance of the dials live on, through various brands offering very cool Radio Room dial designs.

Pairing the Vostok today, with a custom bracelet, crafted by Beads By Gonzo, further playing-up the liquid metal, polished look of the case and bracelet. And being my newest, I'll be running this piece through my self-imposed, mandatory 2-day break-in period. So the Amphibia will be my Friday WOTD as well. The frequency transmission, on my current level of Wrist-Game with this Amphibia, is coming through loud and clear!


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