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My Flavor Of The Day

Stuhrling Original, Devilray Tourbillon, Limited Edition

Keeping the limited edition flow going on Tuesday, with my choice being the Stuhrling Original, Devilray Tourbillon, Limited Edition. This Bronze-plated beauty is a stunner, taking case design cues from the iconic RJ Titanic series of timepieces.

Personally, I feel that Bronze has been a bit overdone, in recent years within the watch industry. But there's no question that the use of Bronze, Copper, and Brown tones, gives this timepiece a very understated elegance. Add the perlage engraving on the dial, genuine sharkskin strap, and of course, the cut-out dial view, showing-off the complexity of the Tourbillon escapment, and this timepiece is a real showstopper!

Keeing the elegant, yet subtle theme going, with my choice of accessory selection, in the form of a large gauge, Tiger's-Eye stone bracelet.


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