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Spinnaker, Tesei Titanium

Kicking-off my week, with a true sleeper within my collection, in the form of the Spinnaker, Tesei Titanium. This Spinnaker timepiece is a real understated beauty, and I think it's mainly because of the Titanium case, matte Black bezel, and matte, textured deep Blue dial, which gives this piece a very muted look. There's nothing that is in your face about this timepiece, but yet it stills offers an excellent presentation on the wrist.

Given the Titanium case, this timepiece feels light as a feather when on the wrist, and the hybrid textile strap, while a bit rigid, still affords a very high level of comfort. This has to be one of the top Spinnaker watches produced to date.

Deep Blue is definitely a main theme of the Tesei, and I'm complementing the look today, with a minimalist, Sodalite stone bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers. So, I guess it's a Blue Monday for me, but in a good way!


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