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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

WOTD wrist shot showing Invicta Scooby Pro Diver with red, white, and blue beaded bracelet accessories.
Invicta "Scooby" Pro Diver, model #6925

My Flavor of the Day

I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the July 4th festivities with my family, but taking a rare siesta from the work grind put me behind on my blog grind also, not sure how that happened, LOL. So today's posts are playing a bit of catch-up.

Pictured was my wristwear choice for Independence Day, the Invicta "Scooby" Pro Diver. A Pepsi bezel just seemed appropriate, and I decided to triple-up on my beaded bracelet accessories to continue the patriotic theme.

The Invicta "Scooby" Pro Diver sports one of the best bracelets I've every worn, on a timepiece at any price-point!


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