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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

WOTD wrist shot showing Strider Hyperdive, Limited Edition timepiece, accessorized with Arum Brothers, Premium Lava beaded bracelet.
Strider Hyperdive, Limited Edition

My Flavor of the Day

My Thursday wrist choice proves that solo watch designers and micro-brands are doing some amazing things in the watch world, and watch fans are reaping the benefits.

Before you is the Strider Hyperdive, Limited Edition. Just a rock-solid, tool diver, boasting 500 meters of water resistance. Everything about this watch is solid, and comes with one of the heftiest bracelets I've ever felt. Unique bezel design, and sandwich dial, both of which have amazing legibility and incredible lume.

Unfortunately, this design is no longer available at retail, but exemplifies some of the magnificent design visions that the micro-brands have to offer!

Pairing this beast of a watch, with a beast of a bracelet, 12 mm Premium lava stones as a compliment to the Hyperdive.


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