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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

WOTD Wrist Shot showing the Invicta, Sub Aqua Noma V, Swiss Made, Automatic Chronograph, accompanied by soladite and hematite beaded bracelets.
Invicta SubAqua Noma V, Automatic Chronograph, Limited Edition

You won't find many watches more intricately designed than my choice for Saturday, the Invicta Sub Aqua Noma V, automatic chronograph. Nothing on this watch appears cookie cutter, and it definitely won't be confused with the run-of-the-mill dive watch.

Finding uniqueness in a timepiece is rare, as there are so many homages and flat-out design copies, that many companies continue to rest their success on. So it's definitely a breath of fresh air when you come across a timepiece that breaks all of the conventional dive watch design rules. And the average watch lover appreciates it too, as the Invicta Sub Aqua line is the watch line that has garnered the most unsolicited comments, complimenting my timepiece.

Coordinating the look of the SubAqua Noma V today with soladite and hematite beaded bracelets to match the blue and steel theme of the watch case, bezel, and bracelet.


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