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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

For Sunday, I went with a new arrival, the AVI-8, Lancaster Bomber, Dambuster. This is my first go-round with the AVI-8 brand, and I must say that I am very impressed thus far. As a big pilot, there are many brands that will be used as a measuring stick for quality, aviator timepieces, and for the AVI-8 brand, this appears to be their niche.

I love brands that take the time to pay attention to the small details, and AVI-8 does a nice job of this with their Lancaster Bomber timepiece. The leather strap, finished in a military, olive / drab green, feels soft as cotton, and reminds me of the material used in a military rucksack, or backpack. The dial, features white numerals, index markers, and hands against a matte black dial, offering brilliant clarity. As with most big pilot watches, the Lancaster Bomber has a pumpkin crown, but the pumpkin crown is not as oversized as some other brand offerings, which is a nice departure.

The rear of the case, features a nicely done, laser-etched motif of the Lancaster Bomber logo. It's definitely a nice touch for brands to give consideration to the caseback, which is a part of the watch that will rarely be seen by persons other than the wearer.

Laser-etched engraving of the Lancaster Bomber logo, on the rear caseback of the AVI-8, Lancaster Bomber, Damnbuster.
Caseback of the AVI-8, Lancaster Bomber, Dambuster.

Time will tell on how well the AVI-8, Lancaster Bomber, Dambuster will hold-up, but my initial impression is that this is a very solid timepiece, with excellent fit-and-finish, at an ultra-affordable pricepoint.

Pairing the AVI-8, Lancaster Bomber today with a Beads by Gonzo, beaded bracelet, accentuating the olive and red colors within the dial and strap of the timepiece.

If you would like additional information on the AVI-8, Lancaster Bomber timepiece featured in my WOTD post, please click on either picture in this article, to be taken to a direct link of information.


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