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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

WOTD wrist-shot showing the Helgray, Hornet Fighter on the wrist, accompanied by a tiger's-eye beaded bracelet.
Helgray, Hornet Fighter

Today was a rare two-watch day, which usually only happens if I have a new arrival incoming. Started Monday off with the Helgray, Hornet Fighter. There are so many style elements that I really enjoy about this timepiece. First there's the retro case style, which really hits the mark. Second, is the inner-rotating bezel, and third, the dial lay-out, which offers superb clarity. The leather strap on this timepiece feels like a well-worn, leather pilot's jacket, completing the vintage look.

Paring the Helgray, Hornet Fighter with a tiger's-eye beaded bracelet, to capture all of the rich brown tones of the Helgray leather strap.

Then, I made an evening switch to the Croton, Chronomaster, 925.

WOTD wrist-shot showing the Croton, Chronomaster 925, accompanied by a set of minimalist, sodalite beaded bracelet, by Aurum Brothers.
Croton, Chronomaster 925.

This latest Chronomaster, follows the long line of succession of previous Chronomasters, but with some really nice upgrades. First, this timepiece is a precious metal timepiece, with the case comprised of .925 solid silver. Add the ceramic bezel, and genuine stingray strap, and you've got the makings of a fantastic sport watch, in a true luxury build.

Pairing the Chronomaster today with a sodalite, minimalist beaded bracelet, from vendor Aurum Brothers, with matches the blue color of the dial magnificently.


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