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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

WOTD Wrist Shot of the Aragon, Parma Galaxy, Chronograph.  Paired with Aurum Brothers sodalite beaded bracelet.
Aragon, Parma Galaxy, Chronograph

For Thursday, I decided on opting for one of the more funkier designs within my collection. The Aragon, Parma Galaxy, Chronograph. The watch has a wonderfully designed polished, cushion case design, and ultra comfortable, porthole style, silicone strap. But any sense or sensibilities go out the window with the dial. The mosaic, stained glass look of the dial, is meant to replicate a starry moonlit sky, and it definitely lives up to its name of 'galaxy'.

It's easy to forget that with its' fully functional chronograph, and split-time capabilities, this watch meets all of the qualifications as a pure sport watch. So form and function belies the avant-garde, fashion-forward look of this timepiece.

Pairing this beautiful Aragon, Parma Galaxy, Chronograph with a minimal, sodalite, beaded bracelet from Aurum Brothers, which is a perfect complimentary accessory.


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