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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

WOTD Wrist Shot of an Invicta, Orange Sea Monster, paired with a custom-designed Beads by Gonzo Bracelet.
Invicta, Orange Sea Monster

For Friday, closing the week out with the Invicta, Orange Sea Monster. At 52mm this watch is definitely big and bold, covering a lot of real estate on the wrist. The custom silicone strap, designed specifically for this timepiece, is extremely pliable and soft, which gives this behemoth unexpected comfort while on the wrist.

This timepiece has design elements that I love. Starting with the two-tier dial and chapter ring, giving this dial a three dimensional effect. Next, the raised, polished, embossed numerals on the bezel, a bit of a nod to a design element of the Invicta SubAqua line, and 12-sided bezel, lends a uniqueness not seen in any other timepiece.

Accessorizing the Sea Monster with a custom-designed beaded bracelet from Beads by Gonzo. I actually grabbed the wrong bracelet, but it worked nonetheless. Sometimes accidents can become fashion statements, LOL.


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