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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

WOTD wrist-shot showing the Tsao Baltimore, Founder's, Limited Edition timepiece, accompanied by Aurum Brothers, sodalite beaded bracelet.  The watch is pictured with two iconic mainstays of Baltimore dining culture, Natty Boh beer, and Blue Crabs!
Tsao Baltimore, Founder's, Limited Edition

Monday was a special day for me, as I was blessed to see another year. The Wife surprised me with a couple of nice lunch / dinner outings, between Sunday and Monday. For the crab feast on Monday, my Tsao Baltimore, Founder's, Limited Edition timepiece seemed to fit nicely with the Baltimore theme, as all things Baltimore were represented in this photo; Natty Boh beer, Maryland Blue Crabs, and the Tsao Baltimore, Founder's, Limited Edition timepiece, a watch that was conceived and designed in Baltimore, Maryland.

I loved the look of this wonderful timepiece from the very first time I strapped it on my wrist. There seemed to be a nautical feel to this watch, and after doing a little research, my feelings were confirmed. The "railroad style" chapter ring on the dial is reminiscent of a deck watch. Deck watches were Naval Officer watches that were the predecessors to the Ocean Chronometer clocks, used on-board the Naval warships. So I learned something new on my Birthday. Another year older, and wiser!

Pairing the Tsao Baltimore, Founder's timepiece, with a set of minimalist, sodalite beads from vendor Aurum Brothers, to further accentuate the blues!


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