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My Flavor Of The Day

Tsikolia, GT40 Racing Chronograph, Limited Edition

For Thursday, literally switching gears from the Doxut Diver, to the Tsikolia, GT40 Racing Chronograph, Limited Edition. This is a timepiece that always gets my motor running, pun intended. And this was definitely one of those, love-at-first-sight pieces for me.

Gulf Racing, and Ford GT color schemes and design influences, are infused all throughout this timepiece. It all comes together really well, offering a bold statement, and presentation on the wrist. The perforated, sandwich, color-matched, rally racing strap, shows forward thinking as far as design, and is one of the highest-quality straps that I've ever strapped on my wrist.

Never would be one to consider myself an Auto's only, watch snob, but if this timepiece were ever made as an automatic chronograph, it would be an even more stunning timepiece!

Accessorizing the GT 40 today, with a color-matched, marine-grade, rope bracelet, designed by Ropelet UK. Most certainly, earning my Wrist-Game today, a spot in the winner's circle!


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