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Croton, Chronomaster 925 Chronograph

For Friday, taking another racer for a spin, in the Croton, Chronomaster 925. One of the benefits with doing my daily blog, it allows me to see how often, or not, pieces take turns within my wearing rotation. Because of the elegance of this timepiece, with the precious metal (silver) case, ceramic bezel, and exotic Stingray strap, it's a watch that I rarely choose for my daily, casual pursuits. And as I guessed, the last time this Croton got it's turn, was at the beginning of this past September, 2019.

Such a beautiful blue dial on this timepiece, which is a chameleon, as the dial color will shift, depending on the lighting, ranging from light Blue to light Purple. All of the elements included in this piece, really combine to give a very elegant presentation on the wrist.

Pairing the Chronomaster today, with a minimalist, sodalite stone bracelet, to match the beautiful Blue tones within the dial.


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