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Watch of the day (WOTD)

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

For Thursday, my WOTD is one of my most anticipated, new arrivals, the circa 1980's, Molnija, Chemical Warrior. Two of my main watch collecting goals for 2019, were to add more Eastern European brands to my collection, and obtain my first vintage timepiece.

This timepiece was brought to life, thanks to the skilled Watchmakers at the Vostok Exchange. Vostok Exchange's specialty, is reconditioning, and re-purposing Russian watches from brands like Poljot and Molnija, and this Chemical Warrior is a fantastic example of their work! A co-worker, who is originally from Russia, said that the Chemical Warrior pieces, were timepieces commissioned by the Russian government, to be designed by Molnija, for soldiers of the Russian Army, specifically trained in biological and chemical warfare, thus the name.

I love the presentation of this timepiece, especially the array of colors used, and the radioactive symbol at the sub-second hand; the dial is nothing short of eye-catching! Then, there's the magnificent, mechanical movement, which is placed on grand display by the generous exhibition caseback. Add a soft-as-butter, calfskin leather strap, and high polish on the case, and this piece is a true stand-out. For my first vintage piece, I couldn't have done any better!

Pairing the Chemical Warrior today, with a beaded bracelet, created by Dorsal Bracelet Company, in color choice SoHo; which just happens to match the dial elements of the Chemical Warrior perfectly. Since this is my first day with the new arrival, you already know my WOTD choice for Friday!


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