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Oris, Aquis, Great Barrier Reef, Limited Edition II

For Sunday, I'm closing out the weekend, with one of my absolute favorites within the collection, in the Oris, Aquis, Great Barrier Reef - Limited Edition II. The Great Barrier Reef is an amazing timepiece, with the dial, bezel, and chapter ring combination, one of the more striking looks that you will ever see.

The day / date display on the GBR is one of the more unique set-ups that I've seen in a timepiece; the Yellow accents against the Blue dial, with the bezel and dial separated by a Yellow chapter ring, gives the look plenty of POP!

Oris chose a Sellita movement, as the automatic mechanical movement of choice for this timepiece. That is significant, as Oris was one of the first major brands, to break free from the control of Swatch Group / ETA, with regards to the rationing and availability of their movements, to outside manufacturers. And Sellita has proven to be a very reliable movement manufacturer.

The Yellows and Blues of this GBR go together perfectly. So why not accentuate that combo with my accessory choice? Pairing the GBR with an Eagle Ray, rope bracelet, in color Peacock, designed by Dorsal Bracelet Co. A watch, whose proceeds helped to preserve the coral reef system, and a bracelet, whose proceeds help clean-up the beaches and oceans, my Wrist-Game today earns a grade of C, for conservation!


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