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My Flavor Of The Day

Stuhrling Original, Devilray Tourbillon - Bronze, Limited Edition

My Thursday WOTD, is one of premier pieces within my current collection. Not because of a known, luxury brand name, but because of the beautiful Tourbillon complication.

While not a Swiss Tourby, with Swiss versions starting at many multiple, tens of thousands of dollars, it represents a Grand-Complication nonetheless; and any watch collector should strive to add hallowed, limited pieces like this, to their collection.

This piece has all the bells and whistles you'd expect out of a watch with a high-end complication, such as a Tourbillon; Bronze case, exotic sharkskin strap, quality case build, just to name a few. This piece definitely garners its share of attention, for all the right reasons, looking and playing the part of a high-end, quality, luxury timepiece.

Accessorizing the Devilray Tourbillon today, with a SoHo bracelet, designed by Dorsal Bracelet Company, which perfectly complements the rich Brown tones and hues within the dial and strap.


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