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My Flavor Of The Day

Vostok Europe, Expedition - Everest Underground, Limited Edition

Sunday fun-day, gets even more fun, by strapping the Vostok Europe, Expedition - Everest Underground on my wrist. This is such an incredible timepiece, starting with the gradient dial, which blends shades of Black, Gray, Blue and Green, to offer a visually pleasing dial presentation, and 40-hour power reserve indicator, to ensure your Expedition Everest is up to fully handle any adventure.

The other cool factor, the Tritium gas tubes, which provides a generous amount of, always on illumination. The colors within the dial and bezel, offer the perfect complement to the frosted case. Engineered to withstand a water immersion dept of 200 meters, this is a serviceable diver as well.

Pairing the Everest Underground today, with an Eagle Ray, rope bracelet, designed by Dorsal Bracelet Company, providing the perfect complement to the colors present in this iteration of the Expedition Everest.


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