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Zinvo, Blade Automatic - Gunmetal

Wednesday finds the Zinvo, Blade - Automatic on my wrist. This timepiece is the perfect change-up piece for me, as I always seem to gravitate to it after having worn some of my more conventional timepieces.

The styling of the Blade is radical by any standard. The Blade's constant running second-hand, serves as functional art, with the blade look further accented by the turbine, dial. Admittedly, this style won't resonate with everyone, but I happen to like unique and different pieces, so this piece checks both of those boxes.

The case and strap on this timepiece offer super comfort and balance on the wrist. The gunmetal color is subdued and neutral, but works well, as the design of this timepiece is eye-catching all its own. Pairing the Blade today, with a minimalist, Hematite stone bracelet, crafted by Aurum Brothers, which presents the perfect complementary look to the case and dial.


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