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Watch of the day (WOTD)

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Boctok, Amphibian - custom mod, paired with custom, color-matched beaded bracelet.
Boctok Amphibian Custom Mod

No better way to cap-off the end the work week, than with a new arrival to the collection; that's what you call a win / win; and bonus when you can add a piece that has been sought-after for quite some time.

For Friday, I'm wearing a Brian Van Way, custom-modded Boctok Amphibia. This is my second modded Vostok timepiece, but the first crafted by Brian. I've seen and admired Brian's custom work, from afar, over the past couple of years throughout the various watch forums, and have definitely been impressed. The feedback from his clients is unquestioned, with each client indicating that a Brian Van Way custom piece, has the build quality, and attention to detail, rivaling some of the bigger luxury brands. For the pieces on my short list to buy, a BVW custome piece was in reality, on my radar to purchase next year in 2021. However, in the watch collecting game, sometimes deals come about, that are so good, it's a must to act quickly; such was the case with this BVW custom piece. Luck met opportunity, and I was able to scratch another piece of my list of must owns. Bonus that the piece is adorned in the colors of my favorite professional baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles!

A custom watch, calls for a custom bracelet, as the accessory was also designed by BVW, to offer the perfect complement. Needless to say, as my newest arrival, it will get the mandatory, 48-hour honeymoon (break-in) period, so my Saturday WOTD is already set!


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