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TSAO Baltimore, Torsk - Diver - Bronze, Limited Edition

It's Sunday, and I decided to close-out my weekend, with the Tsao Baltimore, Torsk Diver - Bronze, in Midnight Blue. My Sunday WOTD choice, was actually decided on Saturday, after I performed a strap change. The strap, is a custom-made creation from Denver Strap Company, and was crafted from a Cal Ripken Jr., baseball glove. I was told by Miguel at Denver Strap Company, that he has since, not been able to find another Cal Ripken Jr. baseball glove. So as it stands now, this is a true, 1 of 1 strap creation.

What better paring for a Baltimore Orioles themed strap, than on a Baltimore-based, microbrand? It truly represents the perfect combination. You won't find a more striking look on the wrist, than a Bronze case and Blue dial, it just seems to go together. And this Torsk incorporates a Midnight Blue bezel as well, offering a strong, nautical look. The Torsk Diver was already one of my collection favorites, but with the addition of this strap mod, it gives this piece some added Maryland flavor, much like a dash of Old Bay!

Pairing the Torsk Diver today, with a beaded bracelet, designed by Dorsal Bracelet Company, in color variation SoHo, to accent the Brown and Bronze tones represented within the case and strap. The Torsk Diver, and custom, Cal Ripkin Jr. strap, two Baltimore favorites in one package.


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