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Watch of the day (WOTD)

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Samsung Gear Smartwatch.  Paired with a flat-link bracelet, designed by Inox.
Samsung Gear Smartwatch

Well, for my Sunday WOTD, many would think I've finally gone to the dark side, sporting the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. This is my Father's Day gift from my lovely Wife. And while she barely has a passing interest in my watch hobby, she is becoming quite the enabler lately with her watch-related gift choices.

As a watch purist, I'll never place smartwatches in the same ilk as my quartz and mechanical timekeepers, but there's no doubt that this Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is a nifty little gadget. Having much more style than my former fitness go-to option, the Microsoft Band, this watch has the ability to track a myriad of health measures, not to mention, apps to relay information about nearly everything under the Sun, including the barometric pressure.

At 46mm, this Smartwatch is in my wearable sweet spot also. The rubber strap is soft, and more pliable than most rubber straps, not made of silicone; and did I mention this watch is waterproof? I'm not saying that this watch could supplant my G-Shocks, as my main, summertime activity watch, but let's just say the G's are getting a little nervous, LOL. There's a lot to like with this Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch; the Wife did good, LOL.

Pairing the Samsung today, with a flat-link bracelet, that I don't wear very often, crafted by Inox, to complement the Blue accents on the digitally enhanced dial display. Maybe I'll switch to a custom screen, and finally get that Richard Mille?


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