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Watch of the day (WOTD)

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Vintage Zenith Surf.  Paired with a Dorsal Bracelet Co., beaded bracelet, in color Pose.
Vintage Zenith Surf

What's better than finally welcoming the weekend? How about ushering-in Saturday with a new arrival to the collection? The vintage, Zenith Surf finally landed today, and the anticipation I experienced waiting for this gem was excruciating, if not impossible.

After over two months with no tracking updates, I finally received an update on Friday, that the timepiece had reached the United States, California. I was pleased that the good folks at the USPS, I guess after seeing how long I'd been waiting for the packaged, expedited the shipping, facilitating the package to reach the delivery destination post-office on Saturday, a one-day turn-around!

They say, good things come to those that wait, and that ism definitely applies in this case. I hit another homerun, by adding this Vintage, circa 1970's, Zenith Surf to my collection. The Surf is the model that was the predecessor to the modern-day defy pieces, with many of the modern watches, still designed with the iconic, vintage-style, case design. I love to find clean, vintage pieces. To me, that's like finding a rare, shiny, pristine coin. This Zenith shows minimal wear, and is about as close to NOS (new, old stock), as one can find. So much simplistic style and elegance with this vintage piece. Dress watches have been the less-represented genre of watch within my collection. So this Zenith, kills two birds with one stone; it satiates my want to add another vintage piece to the fold, and gives me and stylish, dressy look on the wrist, for more upscale, or less-casual occasions.

Pairing the Zenith Surf today, with a beaded bracelet, in color Pose, designed by Dorsal Bracelet Company. The accessory complements the dial well, but I may come-up with an alternate pairing for this piece, to truly step-up my Wrist-Game, and wrist presence, for such a stellar timepiece. Since this is my first day enjoying the Surf, my mandatory break-in rules, say this piece will be my Sunday WOTD as well!


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