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Watch of the day (WOTD)

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Breitling, Avenger - Seawolf.  Paired with a custom-crafted bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.
Breitling, Avenger - Seawolf

Friday, the eve of the weekend, and the beginning of a 3-day weekend, finds the Breitling, Avenger Seawolf on my wrist. Since I'm enjoying a rare day off, lets just say the adult beverages began pouring a little earlier than usual.

The Avenger Seawolf is a rock solid timepiece, arguably the highest quality timepiece within my current collection. I never say never, when it comes to not selling a timepiece, but the Avenger Seawolf is probably the closest thing to a keeper that I've owned. Breitling, as a brand, is definitely in that next echelon of quality and luxury, from what one would generally consider an affordable price range, and without a doubt, the pricing of Breitling timepieces is commensurate with the quality and QC jump, and associated brand recognition.

As a pairing candidate, the Emergency Yellow dial is one of the more difficult to match, not affording much flexibility to switch-up looks. I have a Yellow and Black beaded bracelet, crafted by Beads By Gonzo, that has served me well as my main go to accessory for this timepiece. However, I recently obtained my Yellow, Glowing, Glowing, Gone / Dorsal Bracelet Company turtle, rope bracelet collaboration, so at least I've now got a viable switch-up option. The beauty of the Dorsal Bracelet Company / Glowing Gone partnership, is that a portion of the sales of the special colored bracelets, not only goes towards removing 1 lb. of trash from the beaches and oceans, but a portion of sales from the Glowing Gone bracelets will also benefit Coral Reef preservation. So, both my Wrist-Game, and the conservation causes it supports, is great today!


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