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Watch of the day (WOTD)

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Timex Q.  Paired with a color-matched, Malachite bracelet, designed by Monooc Gifts for Men.
Timex Q

Saturday has a new arrival adorning my wrist, and another one of those "love at first sight pieces", the Timex "Q". This is the latest revival, or archive piece from Timex, throwing it back to the 1970's, which marked the golden age of the Quartz renaissance, a technological movement within the watch industry, that was nearly a deathblow to the mechanical and mechanical automatic brands, and watchmaking artisans of that time.

Timex stayed true to the vintage styling of the "Q", even down to the "elastic-band" look of the bracelet. The expandable, metal strap, that would snag any and all arm hairs, left an indelible impression from my youth.. Not to fear, the updated Q has the benefit of a flip-lock safety clasp, as the bracelet closure. This ensures a secure fit on the wrist, minus the pain of incidental arm hair removal.

The first color scheme of the Q that I fell in love with, was the "Pepsi" bezel version. When it came time to decide which Q Color to get, while the "Pepsi" bezel was the early front-runner, that all the ceased the moment I laid my eyes on the Green / Black bezel configuration. Green is probably the least worn color through the years, of any other within my collection, but the hue of Green used on the bezel, is really eye-catching, without being obnoxious or drab.

Keeping with the Kermit theme of the watch, is the addition of a Malachite stone, beaded bracelet, offering a striking complement, and perfect match to the bezel. This winning combination, is sure to have the other watches and accessories within my collection, Green with envy. And since this is a new arrival, given my self-imposed, 48-hour honeymoon period, my WOTD for Sunday is already set!


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