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Watch of the day (WOTD)

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Meccaniche Redentore.  Paired with a color-matched, bangle-style bracelet, designed by Murtoo Bracelet Co.
Meccaniche Redentore

Excited on this fine Saturday, as I get to break-in a new arrival to my collection, and a brand that's been on my radar for the past couple of years, the Meccaniche Redentore. The dress watch genre, is definitely a category that has been the most neglected within my collection. However, with the addition of the Redentore, it adds a level of class, to the dress watch category within my collection.

Prior to purchasing my first Meccaniche timepiece, I had heard both good and bad about the brand. The bad, mainly related to questions about truth in selling, in regards to specific movement calibers used. But as I've state plenty of times before, the best way to really find out about a brand, is to experience that brand personally for yourself, drawing your own conclusions. So glad I followed my own advice, as the Meccaniche Redentore is a very solid timepiece, exhibiting excellent fit-and-finish, with one of the best looking gradient dials I've seen.

I've seen previous iterations of the Redentore on a leather strap, but I must say though, the mesh bracelet adds just the right touch of class to an already stunning timepiece. Pairing the Redentore today, with a stainless steel, multi-color bracelet, designed by Murtoo Bracelet Company, offering the perfect complement to both the dial and bracelet of the Redentore. And since the Redentore is a new arrival, I'll be giving it my self-imposed, 48-hour break-in period, and will serve as my Sunday best WOTD, as well.


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